I am fine – HKDI artist in resident program


click for watching the performance

Thanks Hong Kong Design Institute to give me an opportunity to investigate my recent concern “wood in our city” with their students. Through the series of workshops and lecture, we not only experimented how our perception of nature world influenced by the wood-like products and material, but develop a variety of alternative woodworking technique with those wood-like products. If you are interested in the workshops, there are further information, please click “HKDI workshop – wood in our city?”



We applied our new discovery and experiment into the new version of “I have a dream” for HKDI Centre of Innovative Material and Technology opening ceremony. This time we focus on their generation how to contructure their “natural world” with the wood-like material in this city. When I stepped in their world with my work, it is time to rethink and evoke what the environment we are living with today.


To juxtapose my sense of natural world with theirs, we made two sculptures with compost wood bar to respond my wood sculptures. In addition, more interestingly, we designed a very special costume for the performance “I, you, we”.   This costume was made of the wood-like product such as pillow, cloths and the rubblish bin which is adapted a series of digital section and speaker as a musical instrument. The performer will play the rubblish bin as drum to guide our dance.   Compare of the original version only me wore on the tree bark costume to lead the performance, the new design was much exciting.


Apart from the costume design and sculpture, the sequence of performance became much dramatic in this version. To express the teenagers to numb their sense of wood-like product, there was a performer sat under the compost wood sculpture to play the video game during the performance.   Her video game character kept walking in the forest.DSC_4522DSC_4387


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