About i

Ling Chin Tang Parry                                                                                                                                                                                             June2013 


E. E. Cummings was a remarkable American poet in the 20th Century who became known most widely for his use of a small letter “i” for personal reference. The persona he thus created represents someone who stands away from the crowd, unappreciated, without power, yet able to open his heart with song or mock the follies of society and denounce the pretensions of authority. As for me, this small letter “i” is, as it were, a contemporary artist.

Contemporary issue and “i”

By watching the television, “i” know a lot of information and knowledge. Politics, war, environmental issue, science development and what not, which one should“i” concern? There are uncountable answers as there are untold questions. Even “i” would like to show my concern;“i” can do nothing to change. The only thing “i” can do is to share my work with the public.

                        Work and “i”

To me, designing a form of sculpture is difficult. “i” struggle when “i” start sculpting. Very often, “i” virtually enjoy the process rather than the product. Technique and craftsmanship are essential in sculpting. However, “i” feel that display of technique is boring and incomprehensible for the general public who are the laymen. The only thing “i” can do is to try a way to share my experience with them.

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