Lui bao goes carving – Osage Kwun Tong

click me to know how to play
click me to know how to play

wood carving,mp3 integrated into hand-made wood guitar, audio file (wood cracking and carving record).
3050 x 45 x 22 cm
osage gallery, kwun tong

lui chun kwong for a joint exhibition in osage gallery. he invited
me to select one of his art work to modify. Most of his art pieces
are painting, except this wood guitar for his son. i cannot play
guitar as well as his son but i am good at wood carving so that i
record the sound of wood carving and cracking when making this
wood chair. On the other hand, i modified the guitar which was
integrated a mp3 player and oscillating sensor. consquently, while
sitting on the chair and playing the guitar, you are able to hear
my carving process and involve in it.

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